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While the brokerage prefers to sell through their newsletter, they are also known brokers on Flippa’s platform. Latona’s also has a founder-first mindset; each broker has prior experience running their own firms. If you can’t list with some of the more reputable website brokers on our list, Digital Point Forum might be worth your time. Empire Flippers can help you if you have a medium to large website.

The free online valuation tool helps you evaluate your business accurately and provides insights to improve your business selling potential. Shopify Exchange offers free buying and selling, and they offer an escrow service through their partnership with Fees typically vary, but it’s usually on a commission basis, roughly 10-15% of the selling price.

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Although they started out listing small content sites, many of their listings now are in the six-figure range and up also. As of right now, they have 95 active listings and the lowest listing they have is an affiliate site listed for $34,076. Never leave a side project abandoned again, just use SideProjectors to transfer the assets and operations to someone willing to pick up the task. In fact, many other brokers sell on their marketplace, since it’s such a large source of deal flow.

The business listing categories include industry type, location, business type, sales channel, and more. Want to jump to the best place to buy and sell an online business? Some of these companies above have been established for a while and so now have a minimum revenue requirement in order to be listed in their marketplace. Thus, if you have a limited budget, they might not be the best choice.

Which Are The Best Business Brokers?

The broker has a successful track record spanning more than 28 years. Synergy Business Brokers offers merger and acquisition services to businesses in the lower middle market and has an extensive database of potential buyers and sellers. Visit the Synergy Business Brokers website and choose your preferred industry. Founded in 2021, Nextoria is a worldwide M&A advisory company that assists founders of technology and e-commerce businesses in finding suitable buyers.

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Insurance MGAs: Opportunities and considerations for investors.

Posted: Tue, 30 Aug 2022 07:00:00 GMT [source]

Flippa is a great platform for quickly buying or selling startups and small businesses. For large technology businesses and assistance with every aspect of the deal, I’d suggest Digital Exits. Latona’s are mergers and acquisitions brokers specializing in buying and selling high-value businesses. Marketing – Their team of experts helps you generate more leads and attract more buyers for your businesses.

It can take lots of searching, investigating, and back & forth between you and the seller. Central Coast Business Brokers also provides business valuations and can help clients sell faster by offering marketing. This marketing is specifically geared towards business sales. BizQuest is one of the business brokers in California that is not a business broker in the truest sense of the word.

Contacting Online Business Owners Directly

This allows the seller to receive a cash payout and not require a structured payout of some form . All of their listings are fully vetted and presented in a prospectus that outlines revenue, expenses, traffic, and the story of the business. For example, you can easily see the pricing multiple, whether or not the seller is available for interviews, and the monthly net profit. Their website has a customer list of 25,000 online entrepreneurs, which pales compared to Empire Flippers’ list of lifestyle business entrepreneurs.

Speaking of having systems put into place, that is one of the main advantages of buying an online business for sale. Systems like sourcing from suppliers, shipping and fulfillment, logistics, return policies, etc., have already been established. Online businesses are akin to a digital version of physical property. Just like real estate values can grow and prosper over time, so an online business value.


This is solely a online business marketplace for buying and selling Shopify e-commerce sites. Shopify doesn’t intervene in any deals in any way unless fraudulent behavior is detected. Digital Exits are website brokers for online businesses valued mostly in the $250K+ range. Empire Flippers are one of the major players when it comes to selling and buying online businesses.

Whether you’re buying or selling a website, one thing is certain—you can’t do it alone. A buyers need a willing seller, and sellers need a willing buyer. You need to pay attention to how much traffic the site is garnering. Traffic is the lifeline that will keep business coming into your online business. The more traffic you have the more people will see your offers and make purchases. As a buyer of an online business when you visit the Shopify Exchange you can expect to find listings of all available businesses.

For example, the company utilises advanced technology, which helps it sell businesses 70% faster than average. Additionally, Dragonflip only charges a fee for its services once the sale is finalised and the entire deal sum transferred to the seller. This is in stark contrast to other M&A consultants that have hourly or monthly fees. Join 100,000+ entrepreneurs buying and selling startups on the world’s #1 acquisition marketplace. Big or small, get your startup acquired at the maximum price in as little as 30 days. Flippa provides a free website valuation tool where you can add details to find the selling price for your website.

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Digital Exits is a good choice for buyers who are looking into very specific website niches. Due to its limited number of listings, it’s not quite the platform for general buyers or beginners. Started by Robert Kale, founded in 2014, Digital Exits has completed more than 100 deals worldwide. You can initially find all the solid numbers and stats about the eCommerce business for sale. Other than this, the listing offers comprehensive details about the eCommerce business’s assets.

For these reasons, doing your own due diligence is of the utmost importance if interested in purchasing an online business for sale. Flippa claims to be the number one marketplace to buy and sell online businesses, e-commerce stores, blogs, and digital real estate. Digital Exits is among the top broker websites that help you sell a profitable online business with $250,000 – $5,000,000 in annual profit. No other online marketplace offers such a high-profit margin. Their specialty is assisting the sale of large technology companies. On Flippa, you can not only buy and sell online businesses, but you can also find other digital assets like domains, websites, and apps.

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This is a close review of the operational and financial health of the business. Potential buyers should look for and understand the acquisition cost to revenue ratio. They should review the business’s site traffic and financials. It is important to find out assets are available in the sale.

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Wells Fargo, once the No. 1 player in mortgages, is stepping back from the housing market.

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The company’s advisors also have hands-on experience with mergers and acquisitions. Sunbelt Business Brokers also works with founders and buyers to ensure the best match. The merger and acquisition process starts with a free, confidential consultation.

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